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Shopping in Pamplona

People shopping in Avenida Carlos III

Pamplona is a city which enjoys significant commercial appeal, particularly its centre: the Historical Quarter and the Ensanche districts. Iturrama, San Juan and Rochapea are secondary commercial axes, while the other districts have no clear commercial structure. The lack of mobility between districts in terms of shopping is also prominent, shopping in one"s own neighbourhood being highly significant.

Pamplona provides quality shopping. It aims to respond to the demand generated by local residents, those living in the rest of the Community and tourists.

Commercial demand in Pamplona

By sector

Pamplona accounts for more than 90% of the purchases made by residents in the food, cleaning and toiletry, clothes and footwear sectors.

In the household electrical appliance, sound and image, and leisure sectors, other centres account for 18% and 10% of purchases respectively.

By district

The purchases made in Pamplona tend not to concentrate in specific areas, but are dispersed throughout the city. Purchases in one’s own neighbourhood are significant in all sectors.

On the whole, the population of Pamplona only goes to another neighbourhood to buy clothes and footwear (63%).

As for internal mobility, the commercial appeal of the Historical Quarter stands out when it comes to purchasing personal goods. 44% of clothes and footwear purchases, 27% of leisure purchases and 17% of electrical household appliance, image, etc. purchases are made in this district.

What Pamplona has to offer

Pamplona has 2,726 establishments and a commercial surface area of 339,587 m2. Its commercial density is above average in Navarre both in terms of quantity of establishments and surface area.

By district, the Ensanche, with 26.7% of the city’s establishments, and the Historical Quarter, with 18%, are the area’s with the greatest concentration. They are followed by Iturrama, San Juan and Rochapea-Chantrea.

Concentration in the Historical Quarter and the Ensanche district is even greater when it comes to personal goods shopping, with 67% of the city’s establishments.

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